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The inventor is an engineer with over thirty years experience in product design, development and project management.  He, like many of you, experienced the discomfort of minor nasal restriction that seemed to worsen at night.  This condition was further aggravated by minor allergies and changes in barometric pressure.  The results of this condition was sleepless nights, snoring, poor breathing and dry mouth.   

After trying all the present remedies including nasal sprays, allergy medication, and devices attached to the outside of the nose, he decided there must be a better way.    He set out to design a safe,  effective., and economical product that would improve nasal breathing. BW is the results of extensive research and development with these objectives in mind.  
Product Information
A large percentage of adults experience a slight restriction  in the nasal air path just inside the nasal opening.  This condition is compounded by allergies and changes in barometric pressure.  The net result of this condition is restricted airflow through the nostrils which causes excessive breathing through the mouth,  reduced oxygen intake, snoring, and a disruptive sleep pattern.   If you have this condition, you have probably tried many of the nasal sprays, drugs, and other devices that attach to the outside of your nose with adhesives to find relief.  BreatheWell (BW ) provides a safe, effective and economical,  alternative to deal with this condition.  

BW  is uniquely designed device that,  when inserted, rests just inside the nasal openings in an area of low sensitivity for maximum effectiveness and comfort.  BW also has a unique feature of being self adjusting to accomodate  a wide range of nostril sizes.

Unlike other remedies,  BW is re-useable and does not wear out with use.  You therefore, only need to purchase one and keep by your bedstand in the handy container provided and use night after night as needed.   To date there have been reports of BW working great after a year of nightly use.

BW is not a cure-all. It is not designed to deal with abnormal obstructions in the nasal air passages and other conditions that require medical attention.  It is, however, a safe, effective, and economical product that stands tall among other remedies to improve nasal breathing, reduce snoring, and dry mouth.

                                   (PATENTED.... CLINICALLY TESTED)
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Frequently Asked 

Is BreatheWell Safe?

Yes, BW is made of inert material that does not react with the with the body.   BW, unlike other products, does not contain chemicals,  adhesives, or other elements that can potentially cause alergic reactions or irritation.

How does BreatheWell improve sleep?

Many individuals have a restriction near the nasal passage entrance that  results in sleep pattern disruption.  This condition is worsened by allergies and air pollution  and is most noticeable at night.  This restriction causes excessive breathing through the mouth which promotes dry mouth, snoring, and in some cases deprivation of oxygen. Until now, Nasal Strips was one of the few mechanical alternatives to reducing nasal restrictions.  BW is a state of art mechanical device that reduces nasal restrictions with many advantages over the Nasal Strip.  There are, however,  other serious causes of sleep disorders which require the attention of a trained physician. 

Is BreatheWell Comfortable?

BW operates in a low sensitivity area just inside the nasal opening and exerts a very small force.   Reports by users indicate that it is more comfortable than nasal strips that attach to the outside of the nose with an adhesive.  No cases of nasal irritation have been reported to date.

How long will BreatheWell last?

BW is made of a very tough material and operates under very little stress.  We currently have reports of BW in service and used on a daily basis for over a year with no signs of deteriation.    

How is BreatheWell more economical than the alternatives?

The standard BW is under $15 is reuseable and lasts indefinetly.  Unlike competing products such as nasal strips and medications, BW does not have to be re-purchaced.  This results in a significant long term savings to BW users.

Does BreatheWell come in different sizes?

Because of BW  unique self adjusting and adjustable features it accommodates a large range of nose shapes and sizes.  BW comes in standard, small, and custom sizes.  The standard size fits most male and the small fits most female noses.  Custom sizes are also available on special orders. 

How does BreatheWell improve nasal air filtration?

One of the primary functions of the nasal cavity is air filtration.  Most normal adults have some degree of restriction in the nasal cavity which effectively reduces the nasal cavity filtration area.  BW opens the nasal cavity to increase the effective filtration area.  

In addition to increasing the normal filtration area, BW has some very unique filtration properties.   The unique shape and configuration of  BW changes the air flow pattern which results in more contaminants being captured.  In addition, the inserted protion of BW is made of a material that will electrically attract and/or charge air particles using a similar principal to the electrostatic air filter.  This feature results in some particles being captured on the surface of BW and others being charged such that they are captured by the nasal cavities own unique filtration system.   The net result is that less air contaminants make it to the lungs.  This feature is especially helpful at night when we are in our bedroom sleeping.  The bedroom has been found to be one of worst for air contamination due to the high concentration fabric dust, dust mites, and mold spores.

How does BreatheWell reduce snoring?

Snoring is often initiated or worsened by excessive breathing through the mouth.  Since BW promotes more nasal breathing, snoring is usually reduced.

What maintenance is required for BreatheWell?

A simple cleaning as required with water and a mild sope is all that is required.

What is the recommended usage for BreatheWell?

BW is highly effective when sleeping or going to sleep.  It can be used any time, as required, to reduce nasal resistance and open the nasal passages.  Many users keep BW at their bedstand and install and remove as needed during the night. Reports from air travelers often use BW while napping to improve breathing and reduce snoreing.  BW is not recommended for contact sports but there is no other limitations on use.

How is BreatheWell adjustable?

The inserted loops of BW are designed to exert a small constant force over a wide operating range. These loops can also be shortened and extended inside the retainer tube to fine tune the individual fit.  Further adjustments can be made to each respective loop by pulling one side of the loop out of the retainer, clipping the loose end and re-inserting.  These features allows BW to re-adjust and function consistently with a wide range of nose sizes.  BW can also be moved around inside the to the nose by the user to find the most confortable and effective position.

How does BreatheWell promote wellness? 

Quality of sleep affects both  our mental and physical  well being.  BW helps to reduce sleep disruptions resulting from excessive breathing through the mouth.  The nose is designed to both condition the air we breathe by adding moisture and temperature and provide filtration.  This l filtration prevents harmful air particles and pollution from entering our lungs.  BW promotes nasal breathing which results in more conditioning and filtration of the air we breathe.  BW therefore promotes wellness by improving sleep as well as the quality of air we breathe.

What can be done if BreatheWell will not stay in or falls out too frequently?

Ease of insertion and removal is considered to be an advantage of BreatheWell over nasal strips.  BreatheWell can be easily inserted and removed during the night as desired to improve nasal breathing and sleep.   The following factors will improve unwanted fallout:

Proper Adjustment - BreatheWell should be properly adjusted and fitted to the individual users nose.  This will minimize fallout and improve effectiveness.

Break-in period -  Usually a few days of use is required in order for the user to get accustomed to BreatheWell and for the device to conform to the user.  Breathewell generally stays in better with longer use.

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